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There are several possible reasons why you are unable to renew your books: 

  • Another user has requested the book(s)
  • You have outstanding charges on your record totalling over £5.         

You will need to pay off these charges or bring them down to below £5 to be able to renew your items. You can do this online via the Library Catalogue in My Account or at the Library Help Desks in person or by phone.

  • You have books that are 28 days or more overdue and your borrowing/renewing rights have been suspended.    

Return the items and pay the outstanding fines. Your borrowing/renewing rights will be restored.

  • You have reported a lost book but failed to pay for it by the payment due date.

Your rights will be restored once the lost book has been paid for or returned

  • You have entered an incorrect library PIN too many times and locked your account.

Contact the library in person or via email to remove the lock then reset your PIN using the Reset PIN option on the My Account Log in page. PIN’s cannot be given out over the phone.

  •   Your library record has expired. You have finished your course.              

If you have finished your course you are no longer entitled to borrower or renew items. The items will need to be returned as soon as possible.

  • Your library record has expired. Are you doing a resit or have had a personal extension?

Your Faculty will need to provide proof of your resit/personal extension date. We can then extend your library record to that date. You can fill in a form available at the library Help Desks or ask your Faculty to email the library.

  • You have a University Exclusion on your student record.

Contact the University’s Finance department (0121 331 5572) or your Faculty. It is advisable to return your books until the issue is resolved to prevent fines building up.



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