Answered By: Trudi Pledger
Last Updated: Oct 08, 2019     Views: 554

The following steps can be followed to try and identify UK and Irish journal articles in CINAHL:


1. Search for ‘United Kingdom’ as a Subject Heading and combine it with your other search terms using AND

N.B. when selecting it as a subject heading make sure you also tick the ‘Explode’ option 

2. Use the Geographic Subset filter under the Edit button. The video below shows you how to apply this filter. 

N.B. This will narrow your search down by country of publication so may still bring back articles from around the world as it has been published in a UK/Irish journal. It will also exclude UK based research published in non UK published journals.


3. Search for United Kingdom (and all it’s variants) and change the select a field option to ‘TX All Text’ then combine it with your existing search using AND 



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