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Your library Resource List can be embedded in your Moodle module page. You can embed it as many times as you like: either the whole list, a section of the list, or an individual item from a list.

Tip! You can structure your Resource Lists to match your Moodle course structure. The previously advised "core" and "wider" reading can be indicated via "essential" and "recommended" tags within sections that align best with your teaching.

Within Moodle, switch on "edit mode". Choose the course section you wish to embed your Resource List content, and select "add an activity or resource".

Add an activity or resource


From the activity chooser, select "Library Resource Lists".

Moodle activity chooser


To add the whole list, type a descriptive name of your choosing (i.e. "Library Resource List" or "Library Resources") into the "activity name" box, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "save and return to course". Your list should automatically be displayed.

To add a section or item, click the "select content" button. Your list content should automatically be displayed. Check the box for a section or an item, then click "select". The activity name will autocomplete to match the list/item, but you can edit this. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "save and return to course".

The select content button is optional


The first image below shows how the main course page looks with the Resource List added as content to the "general" section of a Moodle course page. The second image shows how the embedded list displays. Along the side navigation menu, you can see how a section (week 1) or an item (week 2) have been added to support that week's teaching. 

The general section of a Moodle module with the resource list content added

A screenshot of an embedded resource list in Moodle


Troubleshooting: If the above options don't present you with a Resource List, and instead you see an option to create a list, then there may not be an active list for your course available. If you created one prior to 2022, please contact your Collection Management and Engagement Librarian for support in retrieving the list. Alternatively if you wish to start from scratch or you have never created a list for the module, follow the instructions on screen.


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